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Laser Engraved Spoiler Grid (200x200) 1.0

A 200mm x 200mm grid for your spoil board

  1. Scotty Orr
    Type of Laser:
    EleksMaker LA03-2300 2.3W Diode - 445nm
    Material Used:
    The download is an DXF file to use for engraving your spoil board on your Laser engraver or CNC. (I will attach the exported SVG in the discussion section.)

    I attached the 2.3W laser to the spindle mount of my MMXL (MiniMill X-Large) to use for engraving projects. The grid helps me to accurately align parts to be engraved.

    I used QCad to create the DXF file (and exported the SVG file from there). The font is Arial plain - height 2mm.

    I imported the SVG into LaserWeb4 and set power to 80%, speed to 1000mm/min. Took about 20 minutes to engrave.



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