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Jedicut for windows 2015-09-24

foam cutting software

  1. Timothy March
    Nice software if you are a RC modeler but is not limited to just modeling. USB or parport interface it is opensource (free software). jedicut.gif

    To build a USB to para-port dongle for Jedicut you could buy para-port field termination connector from

    then also buy a Arduino teensy 2.0++ sold at Micro Center

    terminal blocks for teensy from

    Arduino code to load on teensy from

    The below link is for Jedicut English forum you can read about how to do this
    they used a UNO board but a teensy2.0++ is a much smaller form factor and the same as a UNO

    Solder terminal connectors on teensy, load software using teensyduino a add on for Arduino IDE get from

    Make wire connections from teensy to field termination connector to match your control board,
    Note do not change pin assignments in Arduino sketch, make your connections as the way your para-port pin are set up for your machine.
    This gives the flexibility to connect almost all para-port breakout boards. I would put a piece of card stock on the bottom of field termination connector with a dab of hot glue, then a dab of hot glue on teensy to card stock. Have the para-port connector on one end and the USB connection on the other end. Then use some battery pack shrink wrap to encapsulate your creation.

    Now cut some foam

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