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How to calculate V-Slot® deflection V2

How to Estimate Deflection in Your Open Builds Projects

  1. Mark Carew
    How to Estimate Deflection in Your Open Builds Projects

    While designing buildings and structures, engineers calculate the amount a beam will bend, or deflect under load. The same formulas can be used to estimate how much a V-slot profile will bend, which could be an important consideration for 3D printers and other builds.

    Please download the included how to file to learn how you can calculate these values for your Builds.
    deflection_1.JPG deflection_3.JPG

    Thanks goes out to OpenBuilds Team Member Rob Stehlik for putting this Resource paper together

    Update: maleuffy created this handy
    Excel Sheet to calculate Deflection
    Thank you maleuffy

Recent Reviews

  1. Islam0mar
    Version: V2
    Very useful, thanks.
  2. alain33
    Version: V2
    Bon travail.
  3. jeffm
    Version: V2
    Nice job. From a 30 year teacher.
  4. SLC
    Version: V1
    Good way to compare different parts
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