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Handy inch/mm chart

Handy thing to have :)

  1. Robert Hummel
    This is just something I have on hand while I design and figured maybe it could help others as...
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Recent Reviews

  1. Mark E. Crum
    Mark E. Crum
    Thanks very much... I actually use a chart but I like your inch/mm one better! Much easier to visualize were the mm fall between with just a quick look.
  2. Jason Harris
    Jason Harris
    I like the thoughtful idea. For me a calculator and rembering 25.4mm=1in works
  3. Scott Hoffmaster
    Scott Hoffmaster
    Perfect for those that are metrically challenged
  4. Jay-Daniel Stewart
    Jay-Daniel Stewart
    brilliant, now can adapt designs with easier to find imperial parts here in merica
  5. Joe Santarsiero
    Joe Santarsiero
    Gauge and pipe charts are great.

    For metric conversions one only needs to remember 25.4.
    That's 25.4mm in one inch.

    Converting back and forth only requires multiplication and division.

    This way you'll never have to rely on a chart everywhere you go. Unless you can't multiply or divide, but that is unlikely if you're reading this :)
  6. Seul Kee
    Seul Kee
    Thanks! I will put it in my workshop.
    Very useful resource and quick help. Thanks
  8. Colin Russon
    Colin Russon
    Been looking for something like this!
  9. Mark Carew
    Mark Carew
    Got it hanging on the wall, thanks Robert!
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