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Gantry Plate and Verticle Table for OX XL 2018-03-09

A verticle table for milling ends of stock for joinery

  1. Brian Beebe
    I have my OX XL on a cart with an open bottom. The waste board is about waist high. This gives some verticle room for stock.

    Here is a verticle table for milling ends of stock for joinery. Tha gantry plate and the opening works with the OX XL. It could be adaptable for other machines. Fusion 360 file is attached. So far it works OK. The stock gets clamped to the verticle table. There is limited space for clamping so the size of the clamping device is important.

    OX Gantry Table v5.jpg
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  1. sharmstr
    Version: 2018-03-09
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