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Fusion 360 - DXF Spline To Polyline 2017-07-20

free plug-in "some laser cutters do not work with splines" now they do.

  1. crispin
    Fusion 360 add-in lets the user export the currently active sketch to a DXF file in which the splines have been converted to polylines.

    Some laser cutters do not work with splines. In order to avoid having to open the DXF in another product to do the conversion, this add-in does that for you

    Adam Nagy (Publisher) | May 08, 2017
    Though the main purpose of these apps from my team is to showcase the power of the API and everyone is welcome to use the source code and modify it as they wish, I'd still be interested in seeing the model it fails to work with. Would you mind contacting us on [email protected] to provide more information? Thank you!
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