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F-Engrave : converts TTF and other fonts/files to G-code 2016-03-30

Converts TTF and other fonts, as well as DXF and bitmap images to G-code for engraving

  1. Serge E.
    This tool from ScorchWorks converts text written with TTF (truetype) fonts to G-code for engraving, including V-carve.


    F-Engrave Features
    - V-carve for outline fonts, images and DXF files (DXF files and fonts should be composed of closed section loops when v-carving)
    - V-Carve inlay support (see video below)
    - B-Carving, v-carving with a ball nose bit instead of a v-bit (see image below)
    - Straight bit pocketing (in the v-carve window) cut pockets using a straight bit.
    - Imports DXF files
    - Imports bitmap images (with Potrace helper program)
    - Uses TTF font files (with the help of ttf2cxf_stream, not all formats are supported)
    - Capable of exporting Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file
    - Opens previously saved G-Code file and retrieve the settings and text
    - Supports multiple lines of text with justification (Left, Right and Centered)
    - Mirroring text (vertical) and flipping text (horizontal)
    - Create text that follows an arc
    - Origin selection allows user to select the location of g-code zero position
    - Display line thickness to be used during engraving allows visualization of end result
    - Use inches or mm as export units
    - Customizable G-Code preamble and post-amble
    - Usable as an LinuxCNC Axis filter program (open the f-engrave.py file from within LinuxCNC Axis File-Open-f-engrave.py. when you are finished with your text select File-Write To Axis and Exit, This option only existed when executed from within Axis)

    Here's what how he does V-carve inlays using this program :

    V-Carve Inlays and More with F-engrave 1.50 | Scorch Works Blog

    Have fun ...
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