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Estlcam 2015-01-02


  1. Mark Carew
    Estlcam 2D / 3D CAM and CNC Controller
    • You can test Estlcam for free and with full functionality.
      The unregistered version will just pause after a while...
    Please help me with translation:
    • I only speak German and English and could use some help with translation to other languages.
      It is simple: just right-click anything you like to change and a dialog box will appear where you can enter your translation...
      Here is some more information...
    • The following translations are available so far:
      • German: Complete
      • English: Complete but not my first language - feel free to correct me...
      • Czech: Complete
      • Italian: Partially
      • Russian: Partially
      • Serbian: Partially
      • Polish: Partially

    4th October: experimental housing for 100W LED headlamp

    14th August: New Project "Knife block"

    What's Estlcam doing?
    • Estlcam is a CAM software to convert drawings and 3d models into CNC programs for your machine...
    • The general workflow consists of 3 steps:
      • First you need a .dxf drawing or a .stl 3d model created by a CAD program of your choice or downloaded from the internet...
      • The second step is processing these files with Estlcam to create a CNC program for your CNC control software...
      • This can then be used to control your machine - either by external software like Mach3, LinuxCNC, WinPC-NC and many more - or alternatively using Estlcams integrated CNC controller...

    Christian Knüll / Heidelbergerstr. 6 / 74746 Höpfingen / Deutschland / [email protected]
    Tutorial Videos

Recent Reviews

  1. P. ry
    P. ry
    Version: 2015-01-02
    Easy to use. Good for 2D /3D. Not great for carving. (Needs to add bull nose end mills)
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