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CNC Xpro V3 3D printed dust cover 2018-06-07

dust free xpro x3

  1. Kevr102
    Hi, i noticed that there was quite a bit of dust getting into the CNC xpro V3 so i designed this simple clip on dust cover in Fusion 360, and sliced in Cura, took around 8 hours to print, printed face down, no raft but support for the clips, 1.5 Infil, care is needed when installing, i broke one of the lower clips but it still does the job.
    Not only does it keep the dust out but keeps everything neat and tidy
    I use the Blue tooth adapter so no slot for the USB but it could be adapted to accommodate the cable.
    stl file attached. CNC  Xpro dust cover 2.JPG CNC Xpro Dust cover 3.JPG
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