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CAMotics v0.2.3 beta

Open-Source software which can simulate 3-axis NC machining

  1. Joseph Coffland


    CAMotics is an Open-Source software which can simulate 3-axis NC machining. It is a fast, flexible and user friendly simulation software for the DIY and Open-Source community. It works on Windows, OS-X & Linux.

    At home manufacturing is one of the next big technology revolutions. Much like the PC was 30 years ago. There have been major advances in desktop 3D printing (e.g.Maker Bot) yet uptake of desktop CNCs has lagged despite the availability of cheap CNC machines. One of the major reasons for this is a lack of Open-Source simulation and CAM (3D model to tool path conversion) software. CAM and NC machine simulation present some very difficult programming problems as evidenced by 30+ years of academic papers on these topics. Whereas 3D printing simulation and tool path generation is much easier. However, such software is essential to using a CNC.

    Being able to simulate is a critical part of creating CNC tool paths. Programming a CNC with out a simulator is cutting with out measuring; it's both dangerous and expensive. With CAMotics in the loop you can preview the results of your cutting operation before you fire up your machine. This will save you time and money and open up a world of creative possibilities by allowing you to rapidly visualize and improve upon designs with out wasting material or breaking tools.

    • Fast 3-axis cut-workpiece simulation with 3D visualization.
    • Simulates cylindrical, conical, ballnose, spheroid and snubnose tool shapes.
    • Tool path 3D visualization.
    • Multi-threaded rendering can take advantage of multi-processor CPUs.
    • GCode parsing, simulation, verification and annotation.
    • Implements LinuxCNC (AKA EMC2) O-codes.
    • Export cut workpiece to STL file.
    • Tool table editing.
    • Add height probing to 2D GCode files. Very useful for circuit board cutting and metal engraving.
    • 2D GCode path optimization. (in progress #11)
    • Operates in Windows and Linux.
    • Released under the GPL license.

    If you like it please Donate
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Recent Reviews

  1. Joe Santarsiero
    Joe Santarsiero
    Version: v0.2.3 beta
    Using the version 0.2.5 Beta and it seems like a nice little package. Thanks Joe.

    I've only just generated code and read through it and it does a pretty decent job.

    Definitely a project worth downloading, donating to, and keeping an eye on.

    Once the issues list becomes something less needed to keep an eye on, I think it'll be worth paying for.
  2. Joseph Coffland
    Joseph Coffland
    Version: 2013-12-13
    I'm the author of OpenSCAM. I've just released a new version which has a much improved user interface, in one window instead of two and using Qt. There are also some bug fixes and it now works on OS-X.

    If you have any problems with this software please open an issue on the GitHub page: https://github.com/CauldronDevelopmentLLC/OpenSCAM Or email me directly.
  3. (deleted member)
    Version: 2013-12-13
    Makes a good intermediate between Windows & Linux.

    Start with one change to this application at first.
    When you like playing with it or you master it.

    Try the LinuxCNC iso. instead of slow Windows.

    This application will then be familiar to you under this new O/S
  4. Sheldon
    Version: 2013-12-13
    Awesome, does what it says, and with an intuitive GUI!
  5. bobt
    Version: 2013-12-13
    I have tried it an it looks just like the machine operates
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