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C-Beam Machine Hold Down Clamps 2016-04-20

Simple Clamps to secure 1/4" Plate to your CNC Router. Simple design can be printed or milled.

  1. Kyo
    Here is a simple hold down clamp system to secure 1/4" plate to your CNC Router. Simple design that can be printed or milled. and works wonderfully.

    It all started with Sketchup ( as it always seems to lol ) I knew the thikness of material (0.250) I needed to secure and that I would like to secure it in each corner.

    clamps cad.jpg

    Perfect! Everything seems to be how I need it now off to the 3d printer ( handy little things, if you don't have one yet: check out all the cool builds in the builds section of openbuilds a lot of designs to choose from )

    And bam! I come back from breakfast with parts fresh off the printer ready to be used.
    clamps printed.jpg
    In place they do a great job of holding and securing your material in place. No way to move your plate around... Even when I crashed my end mill deep in to the aluminium and ran off course ( I mean when I took artistic freedom and changed design mid production ) the plate did not budge!

    clamps in place.jpg

    Feel free to make some up for your self! If you do let me know how they turned out..

    Happy building folks..

Recent Reviews

  1. Mark Carew
    Mark Carew
    Version: 2016-04-20
    What a cool idea! Than k you for sharing this Kyo
    1. Kyo
      Author's Response
      Thanks, No problem. Happy to give back to the community :)
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