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Bellows Maker 2016-11-19

A great bellows making tutorial

  1. Mark Carew
    Keep dust debris out of your machine using these simple to make bellows

    The program will only create a fold pattern for a simple bellows with either regular or alternating folds. The "generate g-code" option is not functional. I want to be able to generate g-code to guide a knife to score the bellows material, however all the bellows I need to create are larger than my mill, so this feature was postponed.

    The parameters are...

    Config Different configurations can be selected. Configurations are automatically saved when the program exits, or a new configuration is selected.
    New Creates a new configuration.
    Shape Only a "Half Cover" is supported (2 sides and a top)
    Inversion Only 2 inversion are supported
    Mounting Folds The total number of extra folds to add for mounting the ends of the bellows
    Alternate Folds If true, adjacent folds will alternate up and down, rather than being in the same direction. This makes the compressed bellows smaller, but the top of the bellows has folds that may collect swarf.
    Inside Width The inside width that the bellows is going to cover.
    Inside Heigth The inside height that the bellows is going to cover.
    Protected Length The length of the area the bellows is going to cover.
    Fold Width The width of one fold.
    The program will print out the fold pattern. It will tile the output over multiple pages. The diagonal line is used for lining up the pages when they are stuck together.
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