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ArtCam + Black Box X32 Post Processor 2024-04-17

ArtCam Post Processor

  1. Svechnikov Workshop
    This topic discusses the relationship between ArtCam 2018 and BBX32

    Today I had a need to find a postprocessor for ArtCam 2012 that would help me run programs on new CNC machine. On the GitHub page Home I couldn't find the necessary files. Maybe I didn't look hard enough

    The postprocessor I needed was found here

    The latest versions of Carveco have these postprocessors as well, as the original author writes. If it is not possible to work with Carveco, then this solution will work for you

    In this postprocessor, a 10 second pause is prescribed for spindle acceleration. For the metric system of measurement

    Tested it on ArtCam 2012. I think any other version of ArtCam will work just as well without problems. Don't forget to correctly specify feed rate and spindle speed in ArtCam

    With best wishes. Vladimir
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