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80mm Spindle Mount - HC design 2.0

3 way mix - Spindle Mount for 1.5 kW watercooled Chinese spindle

  1. Hans Christian Thisen
    I have mixed up 3 different mount version into my own Spindle mount.

    Nice looking mount - by eclsnowman – YouMagine
    Looks nice and solid with good details, but does not fit the OX design.

    Edited of nice looking mount to fit OX but only Ø53 - By AlexLee

    Again looks nice, fit the OX but is only Ø53.

    80mm Spindle Mount - In two parts - By AlexLee
    Fits the OX, fits Ø80 but doesn't looks as nice as the others.

    Print time is also a factor... I printed the one in the first link, and it took 32 hours. This was before I noticed that it didn't fit my OX z-axis design, yes I know that was stupid. But I really looks nice coming from the printer. The two part design from AlexLee is more efficient in terms of print time, material and overall sturdiness due to the variable spacing of the two mounts.
    This is why a build a new one from the ground up, stealing the nice looking features from eclsnowman and the two part feature + OX compatibility from AlexLee.

    Hope it will be usefull to some.
    Ps print time is down to 11 hours / pcs - That is over 30% reduction in print time.
    It is printing atm, so will update with actual pictures when it is done. I am printing in HIPS as this is the only thing a have left.
    OX-80mm_Mount-hello_creation_01.jpg OX-80mm_Mount-hello_creation_02.jpg OX-80mm_Mount-hello_creation_03.jpg OX-80mm_Mount-hello_creation_04.jpg OX-80mm_Mount-hello_creation_05.jpg
    Br HC

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  1. Added space for locking Nut "nylock"
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