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775 Motor to OB Spindle Mount Adapter 1.0

ER11 -> 775 Motor -> OpenBuilds Spindle Mount

  1. Peter Van Der Walt
    3D Material Used:
    I am building a tiny little spindle for PCB milling on my MiniMill.

    I used

    1 x 775 RC Motor (5mm Shaft)
    1 x 5mm Shaft ER11 Collet Adapter
    1 x 3D printer Adapter to fit the OpenBuilds Spindle Mount

    adapter.PNG 775.PNG

    First, I printed the attached part: This adapts the 45mm motor body diameter, to the 71mm inside diameter of the OpenBuilds Spindle Mount

    IMG_5003.JPG Render.PNG

    Here's the result:


    Attach the ER11 Coupler onto the 775 Motor. Simply slip the motor into the adapter, and insert into your OpenBuilds Spindle Mount