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65mm Diameter Spindle Mounts for MiniMill, C-Beam, C-beam XL etc... 1.0

Securely attaches and aligns a 65mm CNC spindle to C-Beam Extrusion.

  1. DoomDevice
    spindle_mount_view_1.jpg These mounts are keyed to fit OpenBuilds type c-beam extrusions ensuring a secure and perfectly aligned 65mm diameter spindle. The design also includes two 11mm through holes on each mount to allow clean routing of air blower and cutting fluid lines.

    These are perfect for the MiniMill, C-Beam, C-beam XL or any other cnc where the spindle mounts to a c-beam 4080 size v-slot extrusion.


    1. spindle_mount_view_2.jpg
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