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Aug 21, 2019 at 2:06 AM
Jan 16, 2014
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Aug 21, 2019
    1. midosi
      Hi I have been using your inkscape extension, Engineering 305. Is there a way to change resolution values? May be have 8px/mm sort of options?
    2. YeagBomb
      Hi oni305
      I love your 305 engineering for inkscape extension!!! Thank you for the work.

      I do have a question on the output file.
      My original image in inkscape : http://i.imgur.com/xKW60X8.png
      and the output image : http://prntscr.com/9yr6w1

      My settings are : http://prntscr.com/9yr70v
      Laser Print size is 138mm X 178mm

      Is there something I can do to more closely match the original to the final product??
      1. oni305
        Feb 5, 2016
        YeagBomb likes this.
    3. soko
      Hello oni305 ,
      Thank you for your fantastic contribution. Raster2laser perishes me a fantastic application.
      Misfortune, I do not understand programming, and I would like to do to you a consultation.
      Would it be possible to add a similar halftone option, but rasterizase entire drawing and each unit pixel,Report a value between 0 and 255 of "S" according to the shade of B/W?
      I want controlling the laser power.
      1. oni305
        Under the files tab there ist the " raster2laser_V7_zigzag_gray.rar " who implements the grayscale!
        Jan 10, 2015
      2. oni305
      3. soko
        Oh yeah, that version is wonderful, thank you very much !!!

        Have you any blog or forum where I can follow the evolution of this software ??

        Greetings and thanks again
        Jan 10, 2015
    4. Waiata
      Hello ' thanks for your offer but I have already made the constant current driver for the laser but would certainly appreciate a copy of the schematic to see if I'm on the correct path. However I'm struggling with the software side of things. So fare I managed to load the UNO board with the Grbl library but have not yet been able to communicate with it to send g-code files to it.
      Thanks again for your help.
    5. Waiata
      Hello, I'm very impressed with your project. I have used your Inkscape g-code generator on my 3D printer to produce a PCB and it certainly works. Now it's time for me to make a laser PCB machine. Sooooo would it be possible to get a copy of your PCB circuit design and the software
      1. oni305
        Hi, the software on the board is GRBL (v0.8).
        For the design of the PCB: I'm planning a new version with a new laser driver that supports the version of v0.9g grbl with PWM !
        But if you are interested in the old version, I still have some PCBs
        Dec 1, 2014
    6. H2Osteam
      Hi oni305
      I love the inkscape extension you wrote for laser engraving. However start engraving from the most left side for every lines are very inefficient, thus i took your code and modified it now the gcode it generate goes in opposite direction for each line, shorten the engraving time by as much as half. I would like to share the modified code with you, so you can share it with the world.
      1. oni305
        You can send me a PM :D
        However I've also started working on this "patch"
        but I have little/no time right now :(
        Aug 28, 2014
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