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Joe Santarsiero
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Jun 1, 2020 at 3:04 PM
Oct 30, 2014
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Maintenance & Mechanical Design

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Joe Santarsiero

OB addict, Male, from Corning

Staff Member Moderator Builder

I still don't have limit switches! Aug 24, 2016

Joe Santarsiero was last seen:
Jun 1, 2020
    1. Joe Santarsiero
      Joe Santarsiero
      I still don't have limit switches!
    2. happy!
      Hello Joe,
      I apologize for posting this, but I have been unable to find any way to contact support at OpenBuilds to help me correct a typo that I entered when signing up. Can you direct me to the correct person?
      1. MaryD
        I may be able to help. You can private message me with the details.
        Aug 19, 2016
        Mark Carew likes this.
    3. GrandpawB
      In Mach3 software>Config.>ports and pins: What port should I use if I'm plugged into the Ethernet? ( Ethernet Smoothstepper)
      1. Joe Santarsiero
        Joe Santarsiero
        I'm not sure. After I installed the software I noticed that the ess plugin didn't show in the mach3 profile that I downloaded for my bob. So I opened one of the default profiles and it showed up in that. In fact, you should get a pop-up list that asks you to select the com device. The ess will be on that list.
        May 22, 2015
      2. Joe Santarsiero
        Joe Santarsiero
        If you don't get the pop-up then it probably has to do with the agreement screen that normally pop-up after the splash screen. I believe warp9 addresses this somewhere on their site or in the manual. You may have disabled it by clicking on "don't show this message again"
        May 22, 2015
      3. Joe Santarsiero
        Joe Santarsiero
        There is a way to re-enable it, but your gonna have to find that one. I'm at work and will not be at my mach pc until Monday. If you already have been past this point then your talking about a manual port setup. warp mentions this too. I don't recall having to go this route.
        May 22, 2015
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  • About

    Maintenance & Mechanical Design
    Jack of all trades except cooking (Master of Ramen).

    I've finished studies in mechanical and manufacturing technologies. I have sufficient training and extensive work experience as a machinist. Currently I work as a machine and device designer which entails coordination with machine shops and fabricators to produce my designs, one on one's with product suppliers, and still yet a bit of personal fabrication which includes welding, wiring, and machining (for when I want to do it myself or don't have anyone to trust to get it done right).
    I'm pretty lucky to be doing everything I love.

    I would say that my strong suits are machining, manufacturing processes analysis, and process flow/control. I have the ability to read and write G-code, education trained and work experience in Solidworks, Autocad, and Mastercam X7. On that note, I'm really enjoying what fusion 360 has to offer as contrast. I've recently been involved with machine guarding work for prevention of process interuption (due to operators destroying stuff by accident) and more importantly operator safety.

    I enjoy: Fixing things that break, making useful things from scratch, solving problems that laymen care to solve, helping others by utilizing my experience, and most importantly being around people that have more knowledge in areas I'm weak in.
    Beer's good too!
    I've modeled an OX build for myself and decided that my budget and experience allowed me to design a one off device slightly out of range from the entry market (build unpublished). Still yet, I support and enjoy the Openbuilds platform for its intuitiveness, flexibility, excellent community, and low entry cost when paired with competitive products/systems.
    Please feel free to PM me with any technical questions regarding mechanics, for a second set of eyes, and motion components in general. Just make sure to expect a long winded response!
    Almost all questions regarding Openbuilds equipment should be shared with the community, so please post most of those on the forums. That way others with the models already qued up can respond quickly.
    Thanks and enjoy the OB site.
    Joe S.
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