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Nov 10, 2017 at 2:01 AM
Sep 2, 2014
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Nov 10, 2017
    1. Gonçalo martins
      Gonçalo martins
      Sorry to be bothering you,
      But I have a problem with my cnc that I can not solve,
      Works fine when I work with Gcode sender manually on the various axes, however, when I submit a G code project, the x, y, and y advances are uncontrollable

    2. David Libby
      David Libby
      You printed some parts for others making the Delta Six Build,I have a cheep "prusa", and need some knowledge. What are you using Pla, Abs? I have been trying print vertices using ABS and they warps every time. I have a heated bed I have used Glue Bluetape Brims Rafts, Normally I would print out of PLA but, I am worried that the Steppers will warm up and warp the part? Any guidance would be appreciated. Dave
      1. DiggerJ
        I use Hatchbox ABS, pinted at 50-70% infill at 143c and HB at 95c. I don't get much wrping or lifting.
        Jan 5, 2017
    3. Patrick Walls
      Patrick Walls
      just the three main parts, not the accessories.
    4. Patrick Walls
      Patrick Walls
      HEY DiggerJ,
      I need 3 parts remade, the three x-axis ones. The top one that goes side to side with the heater and the two on the side that go up and down. keeps binding on me because of what aI used., I have them circled in red. and I would need them in purple.
      thanks pat. any questions email me at [email protected] or text me 262-220-3166
    5. Patrick Walls
      Patrick Walls
      How much would you charge to print me all of the parts needed like your last two builds? Or if you know where I can get a complete set, I would appreciate it. I tried to find an email but I don't think you have one posted.
      if you need to [email protected]
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