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Chris Laidlaw
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Nov 21, 2017 at 8:27 PM
Mar 1, 2014
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San Jose, California

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Chris Laidlaw

Journeyman, Male, from San Jose, California


You can reach me at [email protected] for any custom parts you may need. I ship world wide. Thanks :) Sep 18, 2016

Chris Laidlaw was last seen:
Nov 21, 2017 at 8:27 PM
    1. cdl1701
      Sending you a request.
    2. Green Apple
      Green Apple
      sending a message as requested. Erik
    3. Chris Laidlaw
      Chris Laidlaw
      You can reach me at [email protected] for any custom parts you may need. I ship world wide. Thanks :)
    4. gatech77
      Hi Chris - considering converting my Platemaker build to Sphinx. Kyo indicated he is not quite ready to ship his plates, but indicated that you could make them. I just found your ebay listings and see that you have them in stock.

      Are these v1 or v2? If v1, would there be a change in price to mill a v2 set?

      Thanks for your reply,

    5. Cyclopz
      Hi Chris was just on to you on ebay (Gary) I would be using the same makita as you have in pic
      thanks gary
    6. James Ellis
      James Ellis
      Does anyone make the ooznest ox plate kit in the US? I can order it from the UK with a two week delay. Thanks
    7. Mercury049
      Chris, we spoke on Ebay. I'm looking for a price on having the Joe's CNC Evo part milled/shipped to 40047, KY.
    8. Shannon Jardine
      Shannon Jardine
    9. Gary Bonard
      Gary Bonard
      Good morning Chris, i looking to up grade my So2 OX ZILLA 36' x 36' work area and about 4" Z .... what are you plate z dimensions
    10. Disco Ninja
      Disco Ninja
      Hi Chris, This is DJ and I messaged you earlier. I see your gmail and I'm not sure how to PM, so I'll write you via your email. Thanks for the super speedy reply! All the best!
    11. Chris Laidlaw
      Chris Laidlaw
      4 Wheel Spacer Blocks 15 5-Hole Joiners 20 Router Mount 85 Dust Collector 80 Magnetic Dust Collector 120 International shipping 50
    12. Chris Laidlaw
      Chris Laidlaw
      [email protected]
    13. Chris Laidlaw
      Chris Laidlaw
      [email protected]
    14. Chris Laidlaw
      Chris Laidlaw
      [email protected]
    15. Chris Laidlaw
      Chris Laidlaw
      [email protected]
    16. nivniv1985
      Just sent you a message on Ebay.....
      My name is nivush...
      my email is [email protected]
    17. Erland Nylend
      Erland Nylend
      Hey Chris,

      Just sent you a message on Ebay. I need some advice on building an Ox :)
    18. Chris Laidlaw
      Chris Laidlaw
      I am at [email protected]
    19. D.R. Maffei
      D.R. Maffei
      You see this is why I like one point for all conversation, you spend all of your life checking different locations.

      single point - Email. [email protected]
    20. D.R. Maffei
      D.R. Maffei

      I requested info on Ebay a bit ago.

      I am not one for forms, do you have a Email address so we can trade info?
    21. Mossha

      Just checking to see if you know how I can start a conversation with you as requested?

    22. Mossha

      Sorry I just figured out how to start a new conversation after I posted the message below to you. However, when I tried to click "Start New Conversation", I received an error stating I couldn't start a conversation specifically with you. Do you know what I'm doing wrong? Do you have to invite me or do I have to follow you first?

    23. Mossha
      ...from eBay to here.

      In your opinion, is the OX suitable to do small scale production work in hardwood and alum? If you don't mind me asking, what machine are you using to create your alum OX gantry plates? I'm new to CNC and trying to figure out how to build a stout enough machine to produce quality hardwood and alum milling.

      Any suggestions?
    24. Marc Hayes
      Marc Hayes
      Looking for OX gantry plates you got I need :) in big ole Texas...
    25. Rajan Udeshie
      Rajan Udeshie
      Hi Chris,
      Still waiting .mail me at [email protected]
    26. Rajan Udeshie
      Rajan Udeshie
      Hi Chris,this follows up our previous comm wherein you had asked me to PM you here.Please confirm total for a set of gantry plates( 4 pcs set )+5 hole joiner plates(4 pcs set) + router spindle mount (4pcs set)+Universal z axis threaded rod plates(2 pcs set) +V slot spacer blocks(2 pcs) . Also shipping cost INSURED to INDIA. Shipping address detail New Delhi,Delhi,INDIA,110064.Regards, Rajan Udeshie .
    27. Anthony Perry
      Anthony Perry
      Hi Chris was wondering Like Derek if you Still make your CNC plates if so What would the cost be to ship to Montgomery AL
    28. Dekman
      Hi Chris can you tell me what you charge for you plate kit as well as what it contains.


    29. SKRTCSR
      Morning Chris,

      Just got your eBay message, and signed up my profile this morning... first message. :)

      Let me know if you want to discuss on the phone, or on here is fine too. I tried to start a conversation but it would not let me so trying here first.
    30. adhd_nerd
      Hi Chris,

      Are you still making plates? Need some for a build.

      Thank You.
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