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Side Plate Render

Side plate drawn in fusion 360! After printing a test plate I made a few revisions. It is looking good. On to the X-axis plates tomorrow. But honestly I may just run the new XL plates they are sweet!!

Side Plate Render
Kyo, May 24, 2016
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    • UltiBots
      Kyo -

      Please post the f3d file. I would like to add this to my F360 design.

      Thanks - Brad
    • Kyo
      That is a good idea, I did not think to include the fusion 360 file ( I just exported a dxf ). For sure, I will provide the Fusion f3d file in my build post as well. ( I have all eight plates drawn in fusion ) The build for this machine will be posted very soon! I am shooting the build videos currently ( more work then I expected !! lol ). I want to hold off on posting any files in tell I post the build. I still need to update the cad files with a few revisions I have since made. Sorry to ask you to wait, Not to much longer tho :thumbsup:
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