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Coming together :)

Kyo, Nov 20, 2016
    • Buj
      Will you make the cad drawings available for this? I like the desing and would like to modify it for a prusa I3 type printer
    • Kyo
      @Buj of course! as with all my builds after build completion all files will be posted to the forum. sharing my designs is my way of giving back... :thumbsup: this build will start in the beginning of the new year after the holidays. Keep a eye out..:D
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    • jhony
      wooo me encantaria partici
    • Buj
      Any progress on your enclosure?
    • Buj
      instead or designing it from scratch, If you could release or send me what you have done so far with this enclosure, I will finish it and send it to you aftward.
    • Kyo
      Hello @Buj ,
      This cnc build has taken a bit of a back burner to some client work. I do have updates,changes and a completed design done in cad. I will be posting a build thread / design files here on OB when I am able :D. But first I have two more client projects that I need to wrap up, sadly they don't leave me a lot of time to work on my personal open source designs. I will also need to build another cnc router to make the prototype build before I can release the files, I don't like posting untested designs if I can avoid it :thumbsup:
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