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Serge E.

myOX : sign with bear and name (full length) - YouTube

This one is done for soon to arrive grand-son. Routed at 100 inches per minute with a 1/8" end mill on myOX

Serge E., Aug 13, 2016
    • Serge E.
      Latest SketchUcam generated NO backtracking ("needling'), thus no need to over tweak the design or manually edit the generated g-code before running such "complex" jobs.

      100IPM, 1/8" end mill, 3/32" DOC in 3/4" plywood with myOX.

      GWcalculator indicates I could run the job a whole lot quicker (for rougher cut), as much as four times quicker ! Plywood is not that nice to cut into, especially at too high a feed. Maybe doing a first "slow" pass cut through the first ply cleanly and then steam through the others?
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    Done with myOX
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    Serge E.
    Aug 13, 2016
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