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Work Table

Mobile Work Table for Arctic Ox CNC

Catawissa_CNC, Mar 30, 2016
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    • Serge E.
      Are you finding any flex ? Or is the use of plywood top attached at perimeter and cross member making the entire table solid ? I think that's where I messed up with mine ... trying to upcycle a few pieces of OSB for a top. ;(
    • Catawissa_CNC
      It is very solid. Many cross members and and everything is glued and screwed together. So far no issues.
      I uploaded the sketchup files to the "files" section of the build if you would like to look at the design further.
    • Serge E.

      That's what is missing on mine, the many cross members. I initially was planning to be able to remove at least the center third of the table to mount large/thick blocks to route forms/molds, even if only a few inches deep per face. I kind of overkilled the idea and had no vertical support aside from the four corner legs of the table. The idea there was I could slide real big pieces. ;)

      I also realized more recently that I should of use a full sheet of ply (instead of 3 pieces of OSB!) and cut an opening for those larger 'blocks' ... when I get to that stage.

      It's all part of the learning curve, eh?
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