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My C-Beam

Michael Shore, Feb 16, 2016
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    • Synths
      How has your upgrade to SBR16 type supported linear rails gone?
      Can you post some more pictures?
    • Michael Shore
      Not sure if you get my earlier reply, but it is still ongoing, I now have 2 Axis on SBR 16 and a bought in Z Axis Picture uploaded, will try and get some video...
    • Synths
      Thanks for sharing. Is the SBR rail mounted using some right angle aluminum? What length ballscrews did you buy? 500mm? Are the rails 500 or 550mm?

      Sorry for the 20 questions, I'm planning on buying the kit and wanted to upgrade it like yours. I'd like to order the screws and rail so it arrives at the same time as the kit.
    • Michael Shore
      Okay, no problems ask as many questions as needed... its how I learned

      the X-SBR rails are mounted on a 850 x 200 mm 10 mm thick peice of toolplate, that is then resting on the 2 cast corners and also fastened through using countersunk m5 screws to the 20x60 rail from the C-beam kit (columns), you can see the right hand 3 screws in the latest image.

      The rails and ballscrew are both 800mm, I got them from cnc4you in the uk, dimensional drawings are on their website.

      I have had to fabricate the stepper mounting bracket, its a bodge at the minute until I can cut a proper one, I intend to convert to a gantry style(OX) frame in the future anyway.

      I went for 800 X and 1200 Y rails with the overall goal being a machine I can cut 500 x 400 mm plates of 20 mm aluminium.

      I hadnt made provision for the screws actually being longer than 800 mm, due to the machined areas at each end for the mounting blocks so this has slowed me down as I have had to re think the mounings for everything.

      I bought the Z-axis from CNC4YOU a bit pricey, but very solid.

      all of this is overkill for cutting plastic and wood, and probably overkill for aluminium too, but I just wanted to do it.

      for me, I would definitely add the Y - SBR Rails and redo the build plate in something thicker like 15 mm toolplate, I at first still used the C-Beam Y actuator and just had to add a small plate between the anti backlash nut and the new toolplate.

      I am still evolving the machine, and I a long way to go.

      Hope this has helped in some way.

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