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  1. Buj
    Any progress on your enclosure?
  2. jaimito
    I dig the idea of one motor for the Z-axis and the 3 life points. I'm sure it makes leveling much much simpler!
  3. lemonyx
    Kyo, do you have your wiring schematic up yet? I was going to use the TinyG but it's only 4 a total and I can't write software so I'll go your route the Phoenix controller with the OB stepper...
  4. Christopher Björkqvist
    Looks verry rigid, I like it..
  5. lemonyx
    Kyo, Thanks for sharing your design. I'm have a heck of a time trying to print the plates out 1:1 so I can use 1/2" baltic birch ply for the initial plates then make it out of aluminum. Got any...