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      So, seen several brilliant builds of various machines. Got to build one!

      this design is based on the corexy.

      Because I have access to a watercutter it was or me a logical idea to use 5mm aluminium sheet.

      I find most of the builds technically advanced but rather impersonal. OK, what to do?

      I´m a huge fan of the Zork games and also Hackaday, in case you havn´t noticed.

      the plan is to have different heads that fit into the carrier on the corexy.

      Drawings will follow.

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      1. Special Notes

        Thanks to Frankie for the corexy idea, he makes the world resonate.
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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY
  • Parts list

    Qty Part Name Part Link Comments
    12 linear rail shaft 8mm SK8 Link
    1 Mega 2560 R3 Link
    1 RAMPS 1.4 Controller Link
    5 A4988 Stepper Driver Module Link
    4 LM8UU 8mm Linear Ball Bearing Link
    4 LMK8UU 8mm Square Flange Linear Bearing Link
    4 Nema17 Stepper Motor Link
    2 16 teeth T2.5 Timing pulley Pitch 2.5mm Link
    16 Timing Belt Idler Pulley F624Z Flanged Ball Bearin Link
    2 T2.5 Timing Belt width 6mm Link
    4 8mm precision rod 354mm Link
    2 8mm precision rod 277mm Link
    2 8mm precision rod 377mm Link
    0 lots of m5x16 Allen screws Link
    0 lots of m5 nuts Link
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