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      I want to start contributing more to the forum and figured I would start with my CNC plasma cutter floating Z head I created and printed. This was printed on an SLA resin printer but could be printed with an FDM. It was made to work with the Arcfony CNC plasma machine head. The black portion of the head clamped is 40mm in diameter. It can be adjusted to work with other plasma heads of smaller diameters by using spacers, or just wrapping a little electrical tape for grip and filler. It uses two 4.5" 1/4-20 screws, with 4 springs (2 stacked on each side). The 4.5" can be longer if desired but will have less spring push strength. The back plate is 6mm thick and I used 10mm low profile M5 screws with drop in nuts. Both sides have two small roughly 4mm holes to attach something else. I put them on the design to allow for attachment of something to actuate the limit switch (probe switch). You can only fit about a 8mm long M5 screws. As you can see the metal piece was made from thin gauge aluminum left over from my water pan build.

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    Z floating head for CNC plasma cutter
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