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      I have put this together to do short run manufacturing. The idea is to have multiple print heads all printing the same thing or the ability to use something like simplify3d to print multiple different things in one session. The build plate will finally be 900 x 900 with a build height of 400-450mm.

      A few photos of the detail so far:


      XY axis stepper no y axis drive belt fitted yet. The idea was to save a few quid on the metal brackets by printing all my own. I will provide the STL files as soon as I get round to it. Everything was designed in 123D Design so will also provide those.


      Another Angle as you can see its pretty large so am getting some flex from the 2020 I'm using may be a problem but am likely going to solve it by cladding it in 8mm perspex It will have the dual purpose of keeping out draughts, keeping heat in and making the cube rock solid. I think I may change the X and Y rails for 2040 though.

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