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      Not having the knowledge on electronics I choose for the build the Eleksmana SE control board.
      The configuration is very easy with the assistance of the configuration tools of EleksCAM.
      You can upgrade to grbl 1.1 via the trial version of T2 Laser software.


      The slim power supply is 150W-12V-12,5A and it is nested with the POWER, CONTROL and LASER switches in a plastic box (a half cut plastic water canal cnc milled)

      Aluminum 6061 3 mm cnc milled for all the plates
      1x 500mm 20x40 V slot ( x-axis=380mm)
      1x 500mm 20x20 V slot ( y-axis=340mm)
      DSC02156.JPG DSC02140.JPG

      80x20 aluminum profile 1,5 mm -cnc milled ,hand drilled and filed- for the laser module plate
      The 2x 40 mm low profile screws of the upper wheels of the Y gantry are also the base of the drag chain
      DSC02154.JPG DSC02153.JPG DSC02157.JPG

      various lengths of 20x20 T slots for the frame
      and the reinforcement of the base of the y-axis
      DSC02158.JPG DSC02159.JPG

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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

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    The need of a laser to accompany my 6040 CNC router

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