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      This is a simple knockoff workbee build. Added the Tensioning System which helps a lot.

      Added the conduit mast for vacuum and spindle power. This was from an Openbuilds video. Made up some parts to hold my shop vac hose to it.

      The dust boot is custom built by me. Seems to work fine. I also have a Tite CNC one that also works pretty well.

      I like this Z stop mount. IT is based on one available on thingiverse but I made this one to work with the extension openbuilds limit switches. This keeps the dust off of the switches and makes it a little harder to get crap in there. The thingiverse mount also mounted lower down. This keeps out of the way.

      The other two limit switches have similar enclosures.


      I re-did the base to gain some z travel. This open spot without the spoilboard is where the vice I have goes. I bought a leading edge industrial low profile vise. Works nice. Doesn't eat a lot of height. Ditching the spoilboard in this spot gives me 12mm back. T-tracks to hold things down.

      I also put some 2040 on edge to stiffen the frame. That seemed like a good idea since I also put it on feet to get it into the air. That was mostly to give me access to all the eccentric nuts so I can adjust them.


      I put a box together to hold the power supply and black box. It is also supposed to hold the MMPC but it is a touch more cramped in there than I planned. I can still put a raspberry pi in there but I'll probably stuff the MMPC in there and run the power cord out.

      Anywho three switches. 1 to turn on the PSU and fans. 1 to turn on the Black box. The last one to run 24v out to a IoT power strip. Right now that has the makita on it. Eventually that will be off of the Tool output and the vacuum will be off of the external switch.


      The BB and PSU are connected together via a 3d printed shim and a couple of spacers. Then they are on a couple of rails. This was supposed to be useful. It isn't. Maybe it lets me adjust things for the airflow.


      Oh, and the conduit mast thing. I made a couple of bearing mounts so it is really easy to move. The hose isn't easy to move so it isn't. But if the hose (ie its purpose) wasn't there this would swing effortlessly.


      That's all for now.
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