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      All the files for the machine can be downloaded with this Link

      About The WorkBee

      The WorkBee is our latest CNC Machine and is a culmination of all our experience, feedback, and suggestions from selling the OX CNC Machine over the past 2 years. The WorkBee is capable of accurately cutting foams, woods, plastics or aluminum at depths greater than 25mm to 0.2mm accuracy or greater.[​IMG]

      Dual Drive System

      The main request we got for the OX was for a lead screw driven version. The WorkBee CNC Machine has been designed from the ground up to incorporate this and more. One issue with switching to a Screw driven system is that it would be limited in size to 1000x1000mm. This size limitation was not acceptable, so we have dual designed the WorkBee so it can be screw or belt driven. If the WorkBee CNC Kit is belt driven it can be made larger than 1000x1000mm. The WorkBee CNC Machine can be converted between the two, as the overall design is exactly the same for both.


      V-Slot Extrusion

      The WorkBee makes full use of the V-Slot Extrusion system. On the X and Y Axis C-Beam extrusions are used. The C-Beam profile is stronger and allows the drive systems to be concealed from debris. For the belt driven setup, a new belt and pinion setup has been developed that fits inside the 'C' channel on the Y-Axis extrusions.

      Instructions and Part Files

      Like on the OX we have made a complete written instruction manual, with IKEA'eske assembly diagrams. This covers the mechanical assembly and electronics setup. (These will be completed soon... )

      The Appendix of the instruction manual has a full parts list for the standard 750 x 750mm WorkBee. A excel file is also provided for the standard size. For a bigger version, only the V-Slot, ACME Lead Screws, GT3 Belts, and number of spoiler board supports is different. The standard size, includes the parts list for one spoiler board support. If you plan to go bigger or smaller, the section below will help you to buy the correct extrusions.

      All the files for the machine can be downloaded with this Link

      The “Sales” Bit

      We designed this kit due to the number of requests for modifications of our OX CNC Machine Kit. We are offering a Full Kit, Mechanical Kit, Plates Kit and various add-on kits on our website. These kits can be found by following this link: Original WorkBee Z1+ CNC Machine | Ooznest | Made In Britain

      Lots and lots of the parts on the machine come direct from Openbuildspartstore. Therefore, you can be sure you are supporting them :). Full disclosure, the extrusions are now manufactured by us in the UK, but this was due to it becoming unfeasible to ship the quantities we need from Openbuilds in the US anymore.


      We would like to give a big thank you to Mark Carew and Openbuilds for designing an excellent V-Slot system, which they have allowed to be freely shared, remixed, and sold. We would also like to thank the Openbuilds and wider community for sharing their designs that make the builds keeping getting better and better.​
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