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      So it begins built my table to support the Workbee 1010, organizing the parts.
      I like the way items are packaged.

      okay made great progress with the axis assemblies, hit my first snag did not have enough precision shims seems do be only half was received and also missing the 8mm 290mm lg acme screw.
      Going to try and fine shins local but need to get acme from openbuilds.
      Will check back later!!

      I decided to not find shims local contacted openbuilds they responded quickly and the needed parts are on the way!!

      Okay got my missing parts and proceeding on with the build - really like the precision of parts and how the fit.
      Did discover on of the corner brackets cbore hole was bored through not allowing screw to seat, I believe I can work around and get another from openbuilds!

      I have completed assembly just need to attach spoilboard and do a few test cuts later today.

      I have to say other than a few hiccups the build was a great success!
      Also support from customer service was awesome, even during no doubt an extremely busy time of year.

      I put a few pics up of the machine will post more later!

      First cut pic loaded
      I like this machine!

      Happy New Year!
      Just got over the flu bug - back in the shop this week finished adding a work surface and finished dust shoe and vacuum system. Making great progress.
      My final cutting area is 30” x 30” love the Workbee 1010

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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

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    I wanted to update an old CNC that I have, I thought this would be a good learning experience.

    Inspired by

    Openbuilds format
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