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      This is an evolution of my last 3D printer .
      Always based on Openbuilds parts with some specific plates made by myself .

      Specs :

      Power supply 24V
      Electronic board : Smoothieboard
      Watercooled hotend and extruder : Dyzend
      print surface : Borosilicate 400x380 or aluminium plate
      Heat bed : 24 V ( From my old mendelmax 2)
      Z and Y axis movement : C-beam actuator
      X axis movement : 2040 vslot rails
      Watercooling : Old Watercooling system from thermaltake

      First try :

      IMG_20160914_193647.jpg IMG_20160914_194009.jpg

      There is some specifics plates design by myself :

      charriot Z cbeam v3.JPG joining plate arche.JPG U 80mm Front.JPG x bridge short.JPG x carriage dyze end.JPG Y PLATE.JPG

      Auto level is made with an inductive sensor .
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    Reason for this Build

    Just for fun ..
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