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      Just started my router machine design today. Got a concept that I am pretty happy with so far. I am afraid to calculate the cost of components yet. But I currently only have the 4 short legs on the gantry support that are non-standard lengths, everything else is catalog sizing. Part of my plan was to have a movable bed with a single lead screw drive, as a y-axis gantry, in my opinion, would require some customer components. Open to ideas, suggestions or possible flaws. I know I have one issue to resolve with the mounting of the Z-Axis to the Y-Axis, but it is late. That is what tomorrow is for!

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    Been to career oriented at this point in my life. Always wanted to get a workshop going at home to relax. Have been in manufacturing industry my whole life, more on the design and management side, know enough to be dangerous in the shop.

    Inspired by

    I did review a few builds but had my own ideas in my mind already. Design that was closest to what I had in mind was the C-Beam Machine. But I wanted more out of my travels, and was willing to sacrifice by having a larger footprint.
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