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      The main considerations to this build were to tie the motion components together to keep alignment as long as possible.

      Used 2080 for the Y gantry and some printed v slot plates while waiting for aluminum plates to come in. 2040 can be used as well if placed on top of the 1500mm 2040 I have going across the build (silver extrusion), but I had 2080 and not enough 2040. If using 2040 for the Y axis, then you could also orient the v wheel gantries perpendicular to how it's set up now, that would make for a slightly slimmer footprint.

      I printed some mounts to use a dual sided nema 17 to move the Y axis, same rated nema 17 on the Y axis with 6mm GT2 belts. Tried to get wider belts and pulleys but couldn't find any at the time. Ideally 10-15mm HTD belt would be used, but didn't have a large enough nema motor for the pulleys.

      A v slot gantry can be used for the X axis as well, not sure if that would take away from the speed, but even if it did, the wheels oriented sideways may cause a lot of early wear. Used an MGN15 1200mm rail I got from alibaba for $55 shipped.

      Using a Ruida 6442S, DM542 drivers at 1/32nd microstepping. I was dealing withvery slow engraving speeds until I found a not-so-easy to find settings specifically for engraving. Acceleration for X axis set to 10,000mm/s.

      For the Tube I'm using a Cloudray CR90 and 100W MYJG power supply straight from Cloud ray. Tube and PSU was under $450 shipped, CW 5000 was about $500 shipped UPS. Also using the E series laser head set from Cloudray as well. I recommend getting the C series instead, E series is quite long.

      Using a single 24v supply for now, but I notice that it makes the USB connection disconnect and connect continuously in operation. Getting a smaller 24V supply and 48V supply for the steppers soon.

      Altogether, this build was a lot cheaper than I thought, rough price list is as follows:

      CR90 Tube: $195
      100W PSU: 88
      Laser head set with mirrors and lenses: $78
      Tube mounts: $10

      Shipping for this order: $190

      CW5000 Chiller: $350
      Ruida 6442S: $320
      Shipping for chiller $170

      V Slot
      10x 1500mm 2020 V slot: $180
      3x 1500mm 2040: $69
      1x 1500mm 2080: $38

      Shipping $80

      2x DM542 Drivers: $34
      480W 24V Power supply: $28

      5/16 threaded rod: $6
      Pillow blocks x2: $5

      48 right angle corners (printed more when I ran out): $50
      Assorted tee nuts and 8mm/10mm bolts
      Ferrules, terminal crimps, wire, pulleys, belts, etc probably brings it close to right under $2000

      Acrylic to seal everything up probably will cost under $150 for two sheets, depending on how I try to cut everything.

      The bed will be some angle aluminum and expanded steel sheet that would cost about $30, so all in all, I think this is a very capable build for the price.

      This part isn't final yet, but you can see what the part the gantry section is mounted on looks like.

      Close up look of the center Y gantry mount.


      Pillow block mounts, could also use 608 bearings in printed plates, but I had these on hand already.


      closeup of tube mount. Putting another piece of extrusion for the otherside of the tube once it comes in.

      another closeup of the side. Planning to mount everything to some acrylic and block it off from the tube and the gantry.
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