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      Hello all! found this site in doing research for my project.

      The short story is I decided to build what I needed in place of buying the piece of equipment for my shop.

      In my industry (vinyl signs and graphics) there is an expensive piece of equipment called a roller table. they look something like this:

      They aid in applications to flat surfaces, and layering multiple colors of vinyl over top of each other. This being a top of the line model retails for a little over $15k. steep price for a table.

      I already have 3 tables in my shop, 4'x8', made out of 4"x4" timber. my brain immediately went to creating an structural top with some linear motion and some sort of gantry system that i can place on top of one of my existing tables.

      In researching linear motion solutions, I came across this website with all the goodies and an active community of member's. Plus, all the parts are on google sketchup, so I can "build" it before i actually build it. Home run.

      So, attached you can see the concept I have designed in sketchup.

      At first, I designed this table around an existing laminator roller I already had, but after some searching, I found that I can have a custom roller made to suit my needs within my budget. So I will be adjusting the lengths for the table to basically drop over and attach to a 4'x8' table that is already in my shop. The design will remain the same.

      I am basically putting this out there to see what you guys might have to say that I'm doing wrong or right.

      Update 10/13:

      First order of parts came in. Starting with the table top first. Pretty simple table I built, no frills. Gets the job done. IMG_6575.JPG

      Here we go! Setting up the frame, and I quickly find out that the t-handle Alen wrenches are not the easiest to work with inside the corners.

      Tonight will have to be just the frame. I didn't realize that 3/4 MDF is sold in sheets 49"x97" so I have to take it home to rip an inch off two sides.

      Oh well.
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