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      This tool helps you cutting 20x20 or 20x40 V-Slot accurately with a hand saw.

      On the images, the black V-Slot is the support and the gray one will be cut. Orange pieces are 3D printed. L Brackets are used to get an accurate cut and can be adjust to the thickness of your hand saw blade.

      This tool has been inspired by the work of Kyo on Openbuilds : V-Slot Cutting System










      Material needed
      • 500mm or 1000mm Openbuilds V-Slot as support
      • 4x L Brackets Triple (purchase more if you have more than 6 V-Slots to cut)
      • 14x Tee-Nuts
      • 4x M5x10 Low Profile screws
      • 4x M5x20 Low Profile screws
      • 4x M5x25 Low Profile screws
      • Hand saw for metal/aluminum
      These instructions are to cut a 20x40 V-Slot

      1. Fix the end stop (smaller 3D printed part) to one side of the V-Slot with 2x Tee-Nuts and 2x M5x10. Tight strongly. (picture 3)
      2. Fix the cutting jig (biggest 3D printed part) with 2x M5x10. The vertical oval holes need to face out of the V-Slot. Do not tight too much, it must be able to slide on the V-Slot. (picture 4)
      3. Add 2x L Brackets on the left of the cutting jig (on the side of round holes) with 4x M5x25 and 4x Tee-Nuts. Tight them strong and as close as possible to 3D printed part (check everything is well squared). (picture 5)
      4. Mark the V-Slot at the length you want to cut. Insert 2x Tee-Nuts on the side of the end stop and 4x on the side of the cutting jig. Tight the V-Slot strongly on the end stop. (picture 6)
      5. Move the cutting jig to the mark on the V-Slot. Put the hand saw blade on the V-Slot against the two L brackets to perfectly adjust position (you can use clamps to keep the blade against the L brackets). (picture 7)
      6. Add two latest L brackets to tighten the V-Slot using M5x30 screws and adjust their position to have a space corresponding to the hand saw blade thickness. (picture 8)
      Print Settings

      Printer : Prusa MK2s
      Software : Slic3r Prusa Edition 1.37.1
      Rafts : No
      Supports : No
      Resolution : 0.20mm
      Infill : 40-50%
      Perimeters : 3
      Top and bottom layers : 5
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