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      I have been thinking of building an EggBot for awhile & decided to put some effort into now. After doing some research & looking at what I needed to buy for it, seems I have most everything already except for the P/S. I should have plenty of time to get it done before Easter.
      I started to just print this design: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3512980
      but then decided to redraw it in fusion 360 for some practice & cut down a little on the amount of plastic and changing it a little. After finishing the redraw, I wanted to make it more flexible in the size. I have a couple of spare V-slot 2020x250mm, so I added that to the mix. The Head stock motor & Tail stock connections I will change to something more like the Z motor mounts I made on my Makerfarm i3v upgrade. The electronics connection I will make simple to start with & see if it needs a fan before making it enclosed case. When using those A4988 drivers on my 3d printer never got hot enough to use a fan on. I will not get much more done on it until the 1st of the year, but thought I would start this build log to get me more motivated.
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