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      This is a new build of a USB version of CNC hot wire foam cutter using 3d printer electronics?
      The picture below shows my latest RC models I’ve built with my CNC foam cutter. Many more on the website


      It uses 3d printer electronics and inexpensive drawer slides and threaded rods. Foam cutters don't need precision accuracy like a mill or router.


      It will cost around $200/£160/€180 for all the parts. I have full details on my website with a free eBook to download. There is a small charge for the full-size plans. There's free software you can use to generate the G-code and the controller uses a modified version of the GRBL 4 axis. The controller GUI is windows only.

      Just released a new version of the controller software which supports end-stops/limit switches and G93 Inverse Time Feed Mode. It uses a modified version of the grbl-mega-5x firmware by Gauthier Brière which is based off GRBL 1.1 The old version was running 0.8c2

      I've created a video series, showing each stage of the build including testing and troubleshooting.
      Full playlist here

      Any question just drop me a line
      1. Special Notes

        You can still build the parallel port version if you prefer. All the details in the eBook
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    Reason for this Build

    The old parallel port is obsolete now and I get quite a bit of feedback on the website asking if USB can be used. So I thought it was time to make a new design with lighter and cheaper parts.
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