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      Even though no OpenBuilds parts are used in this design, it is being posted at OpenBuilds because it may be of use for the many 3d printer designers here.

      I have had various buyers and builders of my OneZ and TrueUp printers convert to the micro-weight Titan Aero extruders. The plans were to print at high speed, since both the OneZ and TrueUp printers are solid enough to handle the high speed motion. However, some have found that the pancake motor of the Titan Aero does not have enough horse power to push filament at high speed. Indeed the typical 40mm direct drive extruder motor usually produces 60 in/oz of torque, and the pancake produces 20 in/oz, geared 3:1 delivers it delivers the same 60 in/oz to the drive gear. But, 60 in/oz simply is not adequate for pushing enough 1.75mm filament for 200mm/sec through a .4mm nozzle at .2mm layer height. And it is certainly inadequate for pushing 3mm filament. Some users wanted to use Volcano heat cores thinking the extra length heat chamber and large .8 nozzle orifice would let them push at high speed also, only to find that the motor could not push faster than 30mm/sec.

      The Vulcan MaXtrudr weighs the same as a Titan Aero but uses a larger motor. While the Titan Aero uses machined steel gears for it's 3:1 reduction, the Vulcan MaXtrudr uses lightweight aluminum pulleys and a belt for a 3.125:1 reduction. That is a weight savings of 50 gms. The Titan Aero uses a pancake 20mm motor weighing 150gms while the Vulcan MaXtrudr uses a 200gm 35mm motor. But, while the Titan Aero delivers 60 in/oz to the drive gear, the Vulcan MaXtrudr delivers a whopping 124 in/oz. The Vulcan MaXtrudr is actually powerful enough to push 3mm filament, something that otherwise requires a 300gm motor and Wade/Greg gearing.

      The Vulcan MaXtrudr easily pushes 1.75mm through .4mm nozzle with .2 layer at 200mm/sec and through a .8mm nozzle at 120mm/sec, with the motor and driver heat sink fins running at an incredibly cool 30C.

      As you can see from the pics below, the Vulcan MaXtrudr is designed to bolt directly to the OpenBuilds Mini V-Wheel X carriage, and to use any E3D V6 extruder hot end.

      STL files for printing the Vulcan MaXtrudr parts and an image of BOM are in the Files and Drawings tab

      Assembly instructions at
      Assembly Vulcan Maxtrudr Index

      For an animated presentation, visit 3dWrx on Twitter


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    To give builders a 3d printer truly high speed extruder to take full advantage of solid OpenBuilds framing.
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