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      MakerSL Custom OB Minimill

      “This Build was Created in Collaboration with OpenBuilds!”

      I would like to thank Mark Carew for opportunity to collaborate with him on such a great little project. This Desktop CNC has been a dream of mine since I first saw this BLOG POST photo over a year ago.


      The above photo quite simply spawned my relationship with Mark, Trish and the entire Openbuilds family (something I am very thankful for). Mark and I began chatting about this project over a year ago, and believe me I wanted to build one right away :) However, with the growth of OB and Marks increasing responsibilities, there was little time left for him to complete the development of this great little mill. After a lot of persistence on my part (I'm sure it got annoyed) I was given the pleasure to assisting Mark in it's completion. We have come a long way and made a quite a few changes but the completed OB Minimill Bundle was well worth the wait!!

      One of the main advantages of the modular construction of the build is how simply it can be customized to your own liking. This build is about just that, what I did to my Minimill to make it mine own :p

      Me not being one to follow convention, I immediately saw areas that I wanted to address. Please keep in mind, these areas are in no way delinquent, or inadequate in any way, these self proclaimed "Upgrades" are more of a personal preferences, than necessarily improvements. They simply change the machine to my liking. As we can all be a bit like minded on this site, I thought I'd share them, get your thoughts, your input and maybe even inspire more of the same.

      I will also be posting additional, more specific builds related to the Minimill:

      OB Minimill Enclosure (posted)
      OB Minmill Tooling
      OB Minimill RC Brushless Spindle

      Here's a list of the changes/mods I've made over the last year or so. They will come in installments as time permits (please feel free to request anything that stands out to you). I will describe them each in detail and will of coarse post all necessary files, drawings and photos needed to the complete each task.
      • Quick Change/Adjust Double Spindle Mount (Main Photo)
      • Z Axis Jog Knob - Standard (great for onboard electronic)
      • Z Axis Job Knob - Offset (perfect for the enclosure)
      • Dewalt Router Wrench Holder
      • T-Slot Wire Tie Downs
      • T-Nut Spoiler Board (MDF)
      • T-Slot Spoiler Board (Delrin)
      • Splatter Proof Spoiler Board/Tub
      • Go Pro Camera mount
      • Leadscrew Sweeps (keeps X-Axis leadscrew clear of debris)

      Leadscrew Sweeps:

      Since this subject was broached over on the Google+ this morning I thought it would be great as my first installment. The purpose of this mod is to keep debris from riding on the exposed X-Axis leadscrews and prevent any damage to the delrin anti-backlash nut block (ABNB). So far it has worked great!!! I have had no debris contamination of the leadscrew and no damage (other than standard wear) of the ABNB...I am very happy with the results of this super simple mod :D

      The mod is oh so simple, almost too easy to believe ;) Cut two small pieces of kitchen sponge (~25mm x 25mm) make a few slices in the sponge as indicated below. Add a couple pieces of double back tape to the gantry plate to keep them in position (not necessary, but nice) and stick them down. install the plate and you're done :thumbsup:

      Sponge cut and sliced:


      Double back tape installed:


      Sponge installed:


      Make sure the leadscrew is set into the main slice in the sponge:


      Gantry Plate installed:

      1. Special Notes

        Thanks again to Mark and the entire OB family for their efforts in getting this great projected completed and available at the Parts Store: OpenBuilds MiniMill
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    Build License:
    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    To showcase the OB Minimill, what can do stock and how it can be upgraded.

    Inspired by

    Mark Carew, with cues taken from many other OB builds.
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