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      A laser engraver dedicated for round objects.


      The Rotary Module

      The rotary module is based on a normal friction type rotary attachment for laser cutters/engravers,
      but the way this machine came up capable of doing I came with the idea to incorporate a Z axis to it for easy focal distance adjustments, and be able to fit all kinds and sizes of round objects.

      rotor38.jpg rotor39.jpg rotor40.jpg

      Rotary Module Part List

      rotary part layout small.png


      The main brain of the machine is a Cohesion 3D Mini board designed to be use in a K40 Laser cutter/engraver as an aftermarket upgrade, but the C3d Mini board can be used for many other things, like this Build,

      cohesion board.png

      cohesion board pinout.png

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