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      The FOX is another OX based CNC build which I have started. Why did I call it the fox? Well, I have three main reasons:
      1) I live in a cold, northern part of Canada where you don't see animals like an Ox. The "caribou" or "moose" just didn't seem right.
      2) I'm basing my main design off someone else's machine. I've also been searching the web for ideas to make changes to the basic design. Kind of like hunting for ideas and scavenging designs. Like a predictor of CNC knowledge
      3) people, including myself will think "another Fn' OX build thread"

      So, I have the FOX. I've already decided the HD version I have in mind will be the Rabbid FOX.

      I'll be adding information about my build as time passes. This will include my sources for the components, materials/components I used and a parts list.

      I'll be taking photos along the way and posting any that pertain to design elements that differ from the original OX.

      April 17, 2015:
      Due to a couple of issues my build progress has been slowed. Firstly, I found out that 1/4" spacers were once part of the wheel kits but are not anymore. The original OX parts list did not account for this change so I've ordered some spacers. Unfortunately, I don't think I ordered enough and will add some more to my next parts order. Secondly, the epoxy I used to affix the bottom belt for the dual belt setup was really thick. As a result, I didn't have a smooth and consistent height for the belt. I've now ordered 6mm wide 3M VHB two sided tape to do the job. The tape will take a while to arrive so I will do a single belt setup when my parts arrive and switch to dual belt once I have the tape.

      Meanwhile, I went ahead and connected the plugs and wire to my power supplies. The store had 16' long industrial grade extension cords on sale which offer a higher Amperage rating than the power supplies will draw. All I did was cut the female ends off the the cords, stripped the ends and connected them to the power supplies. Now I can set up my router wherever I want without worrying about reaching outlets. Secondly, I don't have to wonder if I used good enough wire for the job.

      Over the weekend I'll be searching for a good deal on wire to go from the power supplies to the control board and spindle driver. I've already bought 18/4 shielded wire from Fuzztech to connect my control board to the motors. The spindle comes with a cable to connect it to the driver unit. I only hope it will be long enough. Extensions may need to be installed. Lastly I'll need to get wire to hook up my limit switches. I haven't put much thought into that yet.

      I'm also going to order some 2060 v-slot to make an aluminum bed for my machine. For the cost, it is my best option. With the dimensions of the FOX, I would have a 5mm gap on each side of my bed and my Y-axis rails. I originally considered narrowing the machine to compensate (Dang OCD) but I might leave it with the slight gap for future ideas.

      Happy Building!

      April 29, 2015
      No real progress to show thus far. I received the 1/4" spacers and other items that I needed to work on my build. Only to realize that I had under estimated the number of spacers I required. Since I added 2 more wheels to the x-axis plates, I needed 6 extra spacers.

      Since I needed to place another order from Fuzztech.ca I also ordered their pre-cut 8" 20x60 v-slot to allow for a longer z-axis. If I had of done that in the first place, my x-axis could have been at least 4" wider.

      I've also been looking at the great C-Beam designs of the OX that are being created. While trying to work with them I've come to learn just how limited my working knowledge of Sketchup is. This leaves me with having to get more acquainted with the software. I had already decided to start working with Fusion 360 because of its ability to do true circles and built in CAM features. Now I'm trying to learn the two programs at once. My limited knowledge of both programs prevents me from successfully getting the Sketchup file into Fusion 360 without becoming an unworkable T-spline shape rather than an actual model made of parts.

      My one success has been the creation of a spindle block adapter. The mounting screws of the spindle holder is wider than the 20x60 extrusion for the z-axis. The plate is 1/4" x 3" x 4" aluminum. I drilled holes on the outside edges for the mount's hole pattern and holes on the inside to allow screws to attach to the extrusion with t-nuts. I will add pictures of the adapter with my next update.
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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    To allow me to make parts for current hobbies that I have and to make some artistic items.

    Inspired by

    The OX
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