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      Here is the first episode of the Scecina Memorial High School OpenBuilds Workbee 1510 BUILD.

      BUILD ANYTHING is the motto.

      Build Any THING

      The THING that I want to build is a work of art of fidelity and import. The work is intended as a tribute to the new Science of Chaos and the new Mathematics of Fractals. Its scale holds true to the monumental nature of these new ideas.


      When completed the work will be a folded paper sculpture measuring 32ft by 24ft and be comprised of 307,200 folded paper elements.


      The work has been subdivided into 12 sections called “Quadros.” The first two Quadros have been completed using a system that employed technology and hand craft. A reception is being planned for the event of mounting of these two Quadros together for the first time.


      The next Quadro will be built solely by OpenBuilds machines.

      The first machine will be a Workbee 1510 built from a kit and fitted with a drag bade to serve as a flatbed pattern cutter. Others machines will follow.

      Quadros are comprised of 25,600 Elements. They are further subdivided into 16 Sections of 1600 Elements.

      The first monochromatic test Section was assembled by hand and cut by the “Silver Bullet,” a stencil machine that evolved from the scrap-booking industry.


      The Silver Bullet is sometimes referred to as a Cricet on steroids. It has evolved into a highly accurate and durable production machine for cutting light weight material of limited size and remains very much part of the Feedback Fractal production process.

      I am hopeful that the relaxed and personal BUILD story that I am about to tell will have an appeal in the arts as well as the technical community. We humans and our machines are now co-evolving. Machines give us incredible power to make all manner of things. Art gives us the perception to make things of value and beauty.

      Here is the first episode of the Scecina Memorial High School OpenBuilds Workbee 1510 BUILD.

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