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      The premise of the Feedback Fractal Project is to render the image below as a "high relief" sculpture of monumental proportions. A "relief" is a type of sculpture that rises from a flat surface and is not in the round.


      The image is a 640 x 480 pixel "JPG" file and the Project has set out to render the 307,200 pixels through Elements that bear the color of the pixel and express a height proportional to the gray scale value of the pixel.

      The image has been of interest because it was created by using the video feedback simulator embedded in the "Visions of Chaos" software. I like to think of it as a portrait of "Chaos" - a concept that appears relevant to "Our Time."

      The Work has been divided into twelve sections I call "Quadros." Over the past four years, two Quadros have been completed. The first was built at DevelopTown and the second was built at Scecina Memorial High School in Indianapolis. For the first time the two Quadros will be joined together. A well publicized reception is being planned to mark this auspicious occasion.

      This Build describes the making of the armature that will support the 51,200 Elements that comprise the two Quadros. The Build is being recorded and its story will be told in two video episodes.

      Episode 1 is entitled "The FEEDBACK FRACTAL Armature Build" "Episode 1 - Making Modules"
      Here it is:

      Episode 2 is yet to be completed. Its title is "The FEEDBACK FRACTAL Armature Build" "Episode 2 - Joining Two Quadros"

      Here is a preview:

      The Armature is now completed and Episode 2 is finished as well.
      Here it is:

      The completion marks a milestone in the Feedback Fractal Project. For the first time, two major parts (Quadros) of the work are joined together. A reception to mark the occasion will be held on Wednesday June 12, 2019. You are invited.

      Here is an invitation:


      The Reception was an enjoyable affair.

      Here is a video:

      People came, they lingered, and they talked about Art
      It was also covered by local press. You can read the article at:
      Broad Ripple Gazette - Read On-Line - Back Issues

      Update September 19, 2019******************************************************






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