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      i am making my own cnc machine from scratch and i would love for it to be able to be run during business hours on a patio in an apartment complex for those of us that don't have a house however i am still looking to cut steel and surgical steel how feasible is my idea if i am looking to hold something like a 2 foot x2foot x2ft piece of work take into account that i am planning on holding the work and spinning it with a rotating table and building a separate frame for the table to rest on also take into account that the jaws may be come down from the edge of the top of the piece 4 inches and up from the bottom the same 4 inches and i would like to leave a holding gap which is going to be extra material for the piece of work to live in while the project is bei9ng cut out this material is going to be considered scrap that will be cleaned off before the final product is ready to be sent to the customer and before any engraving is done this scrap measurement is more than likely going to be about 4 inches as well
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    I do want this to keep the footprint small but large enough to make something useful
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    Qty Part Name Part Link Comments
    4 Nema steeper motor Link One for the rotation of the table the other three are for the axis
    20 Berrings from open build Link
    1 Motor Link Runs possibly between 15-20k rpm
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