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      Based on the OX build I have expanded the size to 1500mm by 1500mm but all the parts are still the OpenBuild 80x20, 60x20 and 40x20 using as close to the full length of 1500mm as I can (Of course adjusting to fit where needed. I do have a concern about flexing or vibration but we will see as we go, any tips there folks, please let me know

      I imported the model into RS-Components DesignSpark Mechanical free software and am in the process of updating it for my build. I will output a 3D PDF version of the model for those who dont have or want DS-Mechanical but will be maintaining the model in it for my purposes

      Much of the additional content supporting the build like the Stepper tutorials , Electrical wiring, GCODE interpreter options and the like will be posted on my web site and RS-Components Community but all relevent CNC build updates will also be posted here. If your interested in also learning about other Electronic topics, I have a variety on my youtube channel theBreadboard

      The Z axis is 12" 60x20 with 8mm acme screw, Bosch Colt router for now but I designed and will be 3D printing my own mount (Ill share the model no worries)

      The table is a partial torsion box sitting ontop of an old router table that has 6"sq legs so plenty strong enough to carry this

      here are some videos already produced to date to document the build
      The intro

      The Table Build

      The Frame Build

      The Gantry wiring

      The control panel wiring

      Why you need Opto Isolators and a few additional words of wisdom I learned along the way :)

      No sooner that I had published my build and tried the first couple of cuts I was receiving warnings about the rails being too flimsy for the size I was building and I totally agree for any hard work jobs like Aliminium or fast cutting hard wood or something, anyway one of my sponsors SNB Solutions, they supply Openbuilds CNC Parts here in Canada sent me an AWSOME complete upgrade kit to remidy the issue

      First replace the Y beams with
      80x40 C beams
      This of course would work with my existing plates but I was also provided with some new Higher Y plates and X plates all in a beutiful red anodized finish... AWSOME, not that there is also an inside plate for the Y axis to add even more rigidity to the build, currently the X plates still only support an 60x40 X beam but we are working on a new design for the plates to allow the full 80x40 C beam to be used
      RoverCNC OX - OX Plates CNC Tall Gantry, Y-Brace Supports and Z-Plates, 11-hole
      and to cap it all off, the small 5 hole corner brackets where replaced with way improved corner brackets / feet that also can support lead screws with NEMA 23 or 34 motors, as you can see there is no comparison to what I had before. The thinner part of this foot is a full 8mm and the motor mount part a full 16mm thick, this is not allowing the extrusions to move at all...
      New Rover OX Feet / motor mounts
      I literally ended up with this table just 1500x1500 instead of the 1500x1000 that the picture shows
      an important thing to note is how the corners are constructed having a 40x20 inserted into the 80x40 C beam, as the tollerances are excelent if forces the joint to be perfectly aligned due to having 20mm of the 40x20 extrusion insude the C beam

      I have completed the upgrade to the Base frame of my CNC including the 80x40's on the Y and replacing all the plates with the SNB Solutions Rover plates. There are a few outstanding things I still want to upgrade but they will have to wait till I get new X plates able to handle 80x40 X Gantry and 80x40 Z axis. Till then, this is where I am at

      1. Special Notes

        I have 2 sponsers for this build,
        RS-Components - Electronics parts are provided by "RS Components" and they have provided Nema 23 425oz motors and Gekodrive G201X conrtollers, 48V 10amp + 24V 5Amp power supplies and many parts for cabling infrastructure (Flex Track, trunking etc) so I have plenty of power for this.
        RS Components International

        SNB Solutions - Hardware like Extrusions, Plates, Screws, couplers, spacers etc are provided by SNB Solutions, , ask for SAM. all of the hardware shown in my build is available from SNB and is also all based on the Openbuilds standards so you can source locally if needed.
        SNB Aluminum - Online Store - SNB Solutions

        So what do I get out of this, I get to provide a set of tutorial videos to help other who want to build a CNC, my intention is not to be a manufacturing business based around the CNC but to help other learn through my efforts how to build one and use it them selves and show that it is not difficult given a little know how.
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    • CC - Attribution Share Alike - CC BY SA

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    To provide a platform to create many tutorials on Motion Control and Industrial control Electronics in a fun and practical way to interest other to take up the tools and do the same

    Inspired by

    OpenBuilds OX CNC Machine
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