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      I reached out to a builder on the forums wanting a build design that was bigger than the C-Beam XL but also cheaper(in comparison to the size).

      With some of the parts that I already had, and his knowledge I am not building his design. I hope everything that I post will be of some help to everyone, Enjoy and have fun.

      This build should be completed within 2 months(maximum time) and I will do my best to keep everything updated.

      Rick 2.0 has supplied me with a sketchup file as well as a parts list that I will upload. Some parts on my build might differ a little but, but the final product will be darn close to what he designed.
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    I have been trying to build a CNC machine for a long time, and have failed many times. With the help of Rick 2.0 I think that this build is the one that will work

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    Rick 2.0
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