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      All-metal, portable, high-speed, low-cost advanced multi-tool desktop factory derived from LulzBot Taz and TazMega. Specifically designed as an easy upgrade path for existing Taz machines. Personally, this upgrade will be applied to my old Taz3 machine, to provide redundancy and additional throughput for the TazMega.
      • All-metal, no plastic mounting brackets.
      • Belt-drive X/Y, ACME threaded rod Z.
      • Composite metal structure with timber reinforcement. Maximum rigidity at minimum cost.
      • Simple assembly, 8 wheel minumum, no carriage plates, no spacer blocks.
      • Support for piercet's bed plate, among several others.
      • Gantry plates are the only custom hardware required.
      • Specifically designed as a low-cost upgrade for existing Taz machines.
      • Specifically intended for use with MightyTool.
      Be aware that the TazMega should be considered if extreme thrust (ie. heavy milling), precision (sub-micron), build area (2m x 2m), or direct-extrusion are critical considerations.

      Please examine the design closely. Alternative subsystems and innovative simplifications have been included.
      1. Special Notes

        Repo at: mirage335/TazStiff · GitHub
        Build log at: TazStiff - Unofficial all-metal OpenBuilds upgraded LulzBot Taz design. -

        Use the GPLv3 license, not the restrictive CC license. GPLv3 is used to discourage sale of undisclosed 'knockoffs'.

        Custom metal brackets are generally compatible with existing Taz machines, as an upgrade option.
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    Build License:
    • CC - Attribution NonCommercial - No Derivs - CC BY NC ND

    Inspired by

    LulzBot Taz, TazMega.
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